orthopedic sole TP BLOCK ORANGE

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TP BLOCK is the new generation insole for bovine farriery entirely in polyurethane, a high-strength material
Abrasion resistance. TP BLOCK improves the animals’ deambulation and offers unequaled adherence and comfort
compared to traditional wooden or simple rubber insoles. TP BLOCK is used with all glues
two-component polyurethane products on our site!


TP BLOCK is symmetrical. After applying the glue, it can be positioned either on right or left nails, internal or external. If the sticker is applied by mistake on the unwanted side,
simply rotate the insole 180 degrees and proceed with application


TPBLOCK contributes decisively to the healing of the treated part and to the correction of lameness
due to foot pathologies with immediate effect on walking and on the static and dynamic balance of the animal.
TPBLOCK considerably reduces pain and stress resulting from inflammation, necrosis and other pathological processes that
they affect the foot and especially the distal part of the nail.


TP BLOCK is longer than a normal wooden insole, covers the heels and provides excellent foot support
reducing strains on the flexor tendons. It is also easily modeled with pincers or flexible
to give the desired shape and/or angle.


TPBLOCK is made up of 100% polyurethane, a material highly resistant to abrasion but flexible
for optimal walking comfort.


TPBLOCK can be applied with all polyurethane adhesives on the market. The small cylindrical reliefs
they keep the distance from the nail surface constant, allowing better adhesion performances.
The thickness of the glue remains uniform even in case of sudden movements of the animal or excessive pressure
of the operator.


TPBLOCK is produced with high resistance polyurethane and tested on the most diverse types
of flooring. Consumption is almost nil, so much so that after three weeks the thickness remains
almost unchanged, even in contact with the most abrasive surfaces. Unlike insoles
made of wood, it is not necessary to use higher thicknesses to the advantage of better deambulation.
TPBLOCK ensures the animal a sensitivity of support and superior adherence. Even on surfaces
wet or slippery the cow maintains a natural support and an adherence to the ground unattainable with the
ordinary wooden or rubber insoles.


The average stay time on the animal is three weeks, with maximum values ​​exceeding two and three months.