TP Block H14 blue soft standard sole

19.50  + iva

10 pcs. orthopedic insole for farriery in rubber Super Soft compound. Light blue color, patented very performing.

Made in Italy

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TP® BLOCK is the new generation insole for bovine farriery entirely in polyurethane, a material with high abrasion resistance. The innovative patent surpasses and affirms new technical concepts to improve the walking of animals and offer unrivaled grip and comfort with traditional wooden or simple rubber insoles.

After applying the glue, it can be positioned indifferently on right or left claws, internal or external. If the adhesive is spread by mistake on the unwanted side, simply rotate the slab 180 degrees and proceed with the application.

It is longer than a normal wooden insole, covers the heels and provides excellent support to the foot by reducing strain on the flexor tendons. It is also easily modeled with a pincer or flexible to give the desired shape and / or angle. Insole size 48x120x14mm.

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