Hoof Trimming

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Hoof System has a team of competent and specialized operators who can work on your cows. They will take care of the balance in order to ensure the correct balance-balance of the animal and its well-being.

Reliability and competence useful for the work of farriery. Hoof System cares about the health of the cows and offers the availability and skills of the operator.

– Functional tie
– Application of orthopedic sole in wood
– TP BLOCK rubber orthopedic sole application
– Application of dressing with bandage

Importance of Trimming

Farriery is a fundamental operation in the cattle breeding sector: the nails grow continuously and this determines changes in the angle of support of the paw with the ground with motor and walking difficulties and with a consequent decrease in nutrition and production. milky.

A good management of the herd is judged starting from the nails, which if too neglected affect the production and health of the herd.

Importanza della Mascalcia

Multiple Benefits

Hoof trimming services
Why Hoof Trimming is important
More milk production
Wellfare of the herd
Best comfort for your cows
More income for the farmer

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