Hoof trimming intervention

It is a spot intervention that will help even the most suspicious breeder to realize the importance that bovine podiatry has for the well-being of his breeding and for the positive consequences on his income. The functional trimming operation performed on the whole herd, gives very satisfactory results, ensures a leveling of trims in the herd and is a request of all our customers who find in it a congenial breeding management formula. The prevention and treatment of lameness is done first of all with the functional balance of the claws. Our operational solutions allow you to minimize stress to the cows and allow you not to interrupt the production cycle of the company. Our equipment is very versatile and allows us to intervene in farms of all sizes. The speed of execution is not based on the speed of the operators but on the organization of work and the reasonable use of technology. Prevention of foot infections: A “clean” environment, combined with the disinfection of the feet, allows the maintenance of the results of the functional balance, and is much cheaper than the treatment. Relying on products and treatment protocols tested in the field is a guarantee of results.

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Machine designing

Hoof System designs and creates customized machines for farriery, but, based on the customer's needs, they can be modified thanks to the support of an internal workshop able to guarantee the assistance and expertise necessary in this field.

Hoof trimming

Hoof System has a team of competent and specialized operators who can work on your cows. They will take care of the balance in order to ensure the correct balance-balance of the animal and its well-being.

Hoof System Academy

Qualified personnel Hoof System provides training and technology transfer to customers who have purchased or rented a trimming machine, in order to make the user able to use the tool correctly.

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