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Hoof System was born from the idea of ​​making farriery operations easy and safe while best safeguarding the psycho-physical well-being of cows,
this makes us proud of the results achieved. The whole evolution has been marked by countless and continuous innovations that have always been well tested before
to be offered to our customers.
Many of our innovations have been recognized as inventions, making us unique and inimitable in our industry.

We do not want to describe all our history and experience in this regard, which has already passed 30 years in business, but we want to summarize some corporate values ​​in a few sentences. In what we do we have always put our face and our loyalty, the passion for our work and the results achieved over the years are a source of satisfaction, but we are aware that we can always improve.
learning from the past and facing the future with dedication.

Companies that rely on us do so because we treat their cows with care and work with the utmost diligence.

Roberto Turato, CEO

"Passion cannot be described, it can only be experienced." (Enzo Ferrari)


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Why hoof trimming

Beyond health, and the 5 liberties

"Well-being is a complete state of health, both physical and mental, in which the animal is in harmony with its environment" (Hughes, 1976)
Mascalcia professionale

Foot diseases and welfare

Foot diseases are very painful, perhaps as much as mastitis or dislocation of the abomasum. Foot disease lowers the pain tolerance threshold.


Powerful pain is a stressor. Foot disease causes behavioral changes (hierarchy), hormonal changes (fertility – metabolism). The reduction in locomotor efficiency makes the manifestation of heat impossible and does not allow to compete for the “resources” of the farm (food, water, rest areas).


The inability to feed properly (more abundant and less frequent meals) facilitates metabolic alterations (ketosis, fat cow syndrome), moreover a cow that does not walk cannot “travel”.

(Dr. A. Brizzi 2014)

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